Monday, August 18, 2014

30 Days of Eating Clean

I had a lovely albeit busy weekend! Got a haircut, tooth cleaning, hangouts, gaming and Guardians of the Galaxy in. It was great!

I also picked up Tosca Reno's Your Best Body Now. And I'm reading it page by page (kinda glossing over the stuff to do with ladies in their 40's and 50's...not quite there yet!) and I'm loving it! It has spurred me on to start with a 30 day Clean Eating Challenge. I will bend the rules to a certain degree in that catered lunches at work are....catered. For the most part, I plan to stick to salads, and steamed veggies and will try and stick to the Grilled Chicken or steak if its on offer. I plan to eschew any meat with sauces because I know that they are probably loaded with salt and sugars that I don't need.

My plan for my salads will include using olive oil and lemon juice or vinegars instead of the prepackaged salad dressings for the same reason (hidden sugars). I also plan to start following more of a schedule with my workouts in that cycling is to happen twice to thrice a week to work (17.2km each way) and strength sessions I'll stick to 30 minutes and dedicate myself to those 30 minutes.  On days that I do not bike in, I plan to walk home from Dundas West Station (2.1km) if weather permits. I plan to suss out a body split plan and also throw in some PiYo workouts at home to help with strength and flexibility. If time/budget allows I will endeavour to get to a yoga class once a week. It sounds like I'm being overambitious and perhaps I am, but I'm aiming to get 30 minutes of activity every day....even if its a rest day. And on rest days, it'll be a 30 minute walk. Just to get outside and moving.

The biggest challenge will be cutting out added sugars....but I know how bad they are for me and I'm also finding myself in better tune with my body, and plan to trust it a bit more instead of viewing it as the enemy.

SO....30 Days.

Today's the start of Day 1, I'll update later in the day and let you know how i'm doing.

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