Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dear Me,

Dear Me in 2013,

Well, 2012 was one heckuva year! We accomplished so very much.  Lost 65 lbs. Gained 5 back over the holidays, but don't you worry, Me. We'll lose those 5 again, and honestly after all the snowboarding you did, I'm pretty sure at least half of that is muscle.  Or will be anyways. (*note to self: find out how long it takes for muscle mass to accumulate and affect weight*)

We made it down that damned bunny hill and THEN some.  Next time we'll work on technique, but I'm very proud of us for conquering the fear of going down a mountain on little more than a slip of wood and fibreglass. And don't forget that sweet toe side turn down that part of Mont Tremblant where you were touching the ground in anticipation of a wipeout, but instead totally trusted our stronger, more balanced body and recovered.  That was pretty freakin awesome.  Wish we had gotten a video of that. Good job on getting back up every time you fell down and for knowing your limits (hello fog and snow! Nice to walk right through you, don't much feel like colliding with someone down the hill because I can't see!) Don't worry, we'll just keep getting better.

Work is much better now, we have time again! Time to start doing some hobbies and getting out with friends again.  They miss us, and we miss them.  Let's start by going out on Fridays when Dave has his boys over for gaming.  We don't really need to be there and let's face it.  They get rather ridiculous and why should we be stuck in the bedroom or computer room when we could be out doing something fun!  I mean unless we really want to play Skyrim or Dragon Age or somethin.  Cuz, Y'know.  We do that sometimes.

Plan this year. Plan to get further in life, in career and in fitness.  Worry less about the scale and more about improving our body so we can continue to do crazy awesome things like snowboarding.  We're doing that challenge group with our friend Steph in January doing that Les Mills Combat program.  That's a lot of martial arts style training and should be fun! With those two days off of DVDs each week, why don't we work on our strength training?  Upper body needs to be a bit more strong and we can always work on our butt and thighs.  Clearly, snowboarding requires rock awesome thighs.  We want to be able to do REAL pushups this year. Let's throw in a 30 day Squat and Pushup challenge?  Sound good?  We'll start on the knees, but by the end of the month, we want military pushups baby!  We gots this!

We're gonna do that 30 Day Push thing with Chalene Johnson.  We have the book, might as well add some online accountability.  We can do anything for 30 days, and who knows? Might be a great thing for us!

Speaking of hobbies, I think a weekly date with Dave is a GRAND idea. But let's make it something active and fun.  Like going to that rock climbing gym near us.  It's open late, and since one of our weak points is upper body strength, I think that'll really help us achieve the goal of getting stronger!  It'll be good for both of us!

Above all though, Me, we really need to worry less about that dratted number on the scale.  I've thought about it, and what I'd like to propose is this:

Weigh in once a  month.  Replace weekly weigh ins with bi- weekly body measurements.  It'll keep us motivated, but worried less about what number it says on the scale.  Since we're still at a point where we need to be making that number go down on the scale though, we'll weigh in once a month and post our monthly progress online.  The aim is to be in maintenance mode for 2014, when we'll continue with monthly weigh ins but it will be more about maintaining our weight loss.  We might gain weight in muscle then, but we both know we want to find our body's natural, happy weight.

Alright then, I think that's enough for now.  I know we'll do fine this year because we've really laid some great ground work and developed some pretty bad ass habits.  Remember the triumphs over the tribulations, the tiny victories that help keep us going.  Don't expect, but be prepared for potential injuries related to pushing our body forward and redefining its boundaries, and know and be confident in our ability to work out around an injury.  Trust me, we'll be fine.  Set backs happen, but it's just a way for us to find new and interesting ways to keep moving ahead, sometimes a bit slower than we'd like.  Above all, progress is progress. We've come a long way baby....Life is just starting to get good!



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