Thursday, April 11, 2013

From Fat to Fit

It’s so easy to recognize you’re Fat.

No, not PHAT, which is what the positive body image folks and their ilk would rather you say. Just Fat.

I’m a recovering Fat Chick. And I’ll forewarn you right now, I’m currently in a very  strange headspace. I’m no longer Dangerously Fat, and my bodyfat percentage is around 27% right now, which is still considered- well, fat- but I’m also not identifying with Plus Size, BBW and that ilk any more. So the posts I get on my Facebook newsfeed for Additionelle (unliked that one already) and some of the really awesome indie plus size clothing stores out there give me mixed feelings. They really do need to exist, and I love that they continue to grow every day.

Is there a place for them? Yes. Should plus size women be made to feel bad about themselves? No. And yet, sometimes I feel like every post I see on my feed about “Be proud of your curves” and “be happy with who you are” is like a personal attack telling me that I am not cool for abandoning my formerly plus sized physique, and joining the Fitness bandwagon. I know that’s silly, and that its not the intent whatsoever. Before I started getting fit, I knew I was Fat, and I had gotten to a place of acceptance for me as me, and looking at my positives (pretty, smart, funny, etc).

However, I reached a point of “Whoa. I am unfit, and its starting to impact my daily life”. Climbing stairs was a chore, my job was physical enough where I was feeling really drained at the end of the day. And then I tried snowboarding. That spectacular failure (I didn’t get down the bunny hill, never mind a proper hill. Though, to be fair, I also didn’t give up!) planted the seed of change in my psyche.
It took another few months, and a friend (Katie!) who said she was doing the 30 Day Shred, for me to finally take the reins of my own life and decide to commit to change. That whole adage “When you set your mind to something, you can accomplish ANYthing”?

It’s true.

I knew I was Fat for years. I didn’t see it as a problem and hindrance in my life until last year. Since then, I’ve learned exactly HOW much of a hindrance and health hazard that fat I was carrying was. How much the fat I still carry, IS. And how much healthier & happier I’m going to be when I reach my goals, which have turned less from a number on a scale, and more to a specific physique (Google Jamie Eason. That.)

So yeah, its easy as hell to recognize you’re Fat.

Its hard as hell to realize how much it keeps you from truly Living.

Keep up the hard work and stick with your dedication.

BeFit. BeHappy. BeHealthy.

*Disclaimer: If you are plus size, and are happy with your quality of life, all the power to you! 

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