Saturday, July 4, 2015

Getting Ready for the #OxyChallenge on #TeamErin

July 15th will be the start of a 90 Day Challenge.

It will be 90 Days of workouts, nutrition and whipping my butt into shape.

I'm feeling like its time to shake things up workout wise, which is why I decided to join #TeamErin (Erin Stern, 2X Ms. Figure Olympia, USATF Competitor, and Spokesmodel, Lifetime Natural) She's amazing. Like for serious.

Her focus is apparently more on functional/aesthetic training where her "opponent" Amanda Latona (who I have long admired) focusses more on the regular bodybuilding heavy lifting/glutes focussed workouts. There's nothing wrong with either team, but I thought since my name IS Amanda and I DO work hard on my booty, it'd make sense to try something different!

I like having a workout training plan to follow, so this seemed like a good opportunity. The challenge for me will be to stick with it as close to 100% as my schedule allows. The bigger challenge will be in the eating. I've been following the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) plan for awhile now and I love it. But I still would like to break the sugar addiction, and also to be honest I'd like to kick the alcohol full stop. I don't know that I'll never drink again, but I do recognize that my setbacks tend to stem from alcohol. So, its not helping me at the moment.....good reason to say goodbye to it for 90days!

I plan to take progress pics, but we'll see whether I will share those or not. My hope is to maintain the muscle I've worked so hard to build and shed the fat. There's some awesome muscle underneath and I think it's about damn time for it to show itself, don't you?

Let's do this.

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