Sunday, May 24, 2015

Urban Mud Hero

Well this morning I can cross off yet another one of my goals! I completed a 6k 22 obstacle Mud Run down at Ontario Place--- the Urban Mud Hero!

I ran with a great group of people, my brother in law to be Tom, his wonderfully kickass girlfriend Alana, two kickass crossfitters Amber and Nikki  and a brand new friend Nick (who was running in place of my fiance David who ended up having to work!). Met Nick through a webseries community and he's planning on running the Tough Mudder in he wanted to get his feet wet (haha) in preparation for what he'll be facing later this summer.

Everyone had a ton of fun, and today in the aftermath I'm.....sore. Not as horribly sore as I was the day after my first Jillian Michaels workout 3 years (almost) ago. My feet are protesting having been run and jumped upon, but I'm not crippled the way I was after doing jumping jacks at 262 lbs. That was the worst! No, instead today I'll be taking it easy since I've got some serious muscle fatigue from asking my muscles to do some pretty badass things (if I do say so myself....and I do!). And nourishing/rewarding this body with some good quality food. And potentially a short walk in a bit to stretch these feet so they don't get cramped up.

My takeaway is that I've come really far...REALLY far. But I've got some ideas on muscle groups that are lagging, and ideas on things I need to work on. Upper body strength for sure....and I will continue on my quest for the elusive pullup, and continue working on body mobility. Hip, ankle, wrist mobilities in particular. And of course grip strength. I'm pleased to say that I didn't get paralyzed with fear at any obstacles, and having a great group to run with was fantastic. The group cheering each other on was awesome :) So much so that I am thinking of the Warrior Dash as the next course to work towards.

I'm thinking of training the next year with the goal of doing the Spartan Race next summer. But one after the wedding. No sense in potentially getting bruised/scratched/maimed to high heaven before wedding photos ;)

Until next time!


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