Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Contract, New Hope...

Hey everyone!  Haven't written in awhile mainly due to work.  I've finished one contract and then went straight onto another, so I haven't really had time to breathe, let alone fight the wonderful head/chest cold combo I came down with this past Saturday.  Oy vey!

So as of today, I am down 33lbs total since Easter of this year.  My dedication to working out is slightly waning due to my recent illness. I had to take off two days to allow my lungs to clear up before straining them too much (and so my body used its energy to destroy the infection or whatever it was that was causing me to be sick in the first place!) and now I'm finding that I enjoy sleeping the luxurious hour of 6:20.  It doesn't help that my new workplace is a bit further than my last and hence I require an extra 10 minutes in the morning.  What is 10 minutes, you say?  Well when its the difference between waking up at 5:50am and 5:40am, its all the difference in the world!

Then there is the fact that as of next Wednesday, I'll be finished the 90 day Body Revolution.  Now many of the Before & Afters on the site listed incredi-amazing results like 90lbs down, etc etc.  I'm only down 33lbs. I say only because well....90 vs 33.  Regardless, I have admitted that my food intake can be a bit....uncontrolled and its something I battle with every day.  That and finding enough time to cook ahead for the week.

Time, time time.  I never seem to have enough, yet everybody else seems to have ooodles of it.

This contract runs until October.  That gives me T minus 11 to 12 weeks. My goal is to lose another 20 lbs by the end of this contract.  Anybody who's worked in Production will know how difficult this can be.  I won't sugar coat it, it'll be messy, it'll be arduous, but it MUST BE DONE!

So if anybody wants to be my cheerleader, feel free, I feel like I'm gonna need it!

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