Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the ZONE!

So I've recently hit a bit of a ...well I guess the term would be "fell off the wagon".  Not totally....more like I was dangling my upper body off the back of the wagon.  Y'know, to see if I could stay mostly on the wagon...but still be off it.  Hard to explain, but essentially I lost a bit of control in the food area.  Workouts were continuously going on, but perhaps a bit less energy being brought to them, and excuses for why I couldn't try this or that move because "I so totally can't do it".  The scale refused to budge downward, and then last went up.

The culprit?  My friend James and his kitchen/bbq wizardry.  Okay really it was also my fault for caving, but even Jillian Michaels says that willpower is "bullshit".

"Control your surroundings and purge your kitchen of all the crap and only stock healthy, nutritious options."  Of course she's also all about not denying yourself either, so long as you keep your indulgences within your daily calorie allotment.  Purging the kitchen gets a bit tricky when you're in a relationship though.  Especially with a guy who has a weekly game night with his buddies.  While I cringe and secretly want want WANT those chips, who the hell am I to make those guys have to eat the stuff I eat?  Who am I to begrudge them their calorie laden but oh-so-tempting pizza binge?

I found myself faltering, and unsure of why.  Then I gave myself a reality check:

1.  I work.  A LOT.  Mon-Fri (for now, Sept. is going to be crazy).  My days are minimum 10 hrs, and max typically 12.

2.  I work OUT.  Every morning.  I wake up at 5am, eat my 100 calories of almonds so my body doesn't cannibalize its own muscle.  Get up proper at 5:45am and work out until roughly 6:35/6:40am.  Shower, makeup/brush teeth/hair, dress, downstairs by 7:05am.  Eat breakfast and leave the house by 7:20-7:25am.  In order to do this every morning...I need to be in bed for 10pm.

3.  I have a boyfriend.  Poor guy's been neglected a bit simply because I'm exhausted from 1 & 2.

4. I have to plan/cook meals in advance so I don't eat crap at work for lunch/dinner.  This has fallen by the wayside lately, resulting in mishmashed meals that aren't all that filling, just calorie counted for the most part....leaving me unsatisfied and hungry.

5.  I have friends & family.  At least I think I do....they haven't seen much of me lately, and that's because of 1-4.

6.  I have a me.  And I forget about me sometimes.  I'm a person who needs "me" time.  More than I tend to get these days.

7. I have interests and TV shows I like to watch.  Since working in film & tv, my actual watching of tv shows and movies has fallen WAY down.  The only show I worry about right now is The Newsroom. When I *do* have spare time and control of the tv, there's usually only crap on and I find myself watching frakken Toddlers and Tantrums...I mean Tiaras.  *sigh*  But thats for a different blog.

So, I'm being ways from Sunday (that's a saying right?  Well it is now!) and its no freaking wonder I'm going nuts!  My entire life is being scheduled out of the wazoo!  I'm running a marathon and I'm finally hitting that first Wall.

This week though, I'm dedicated to regaining control.  My workouts are going stronger, I bought a heart rate monitor to help me keep my heart rate up there.  I'm planning my meals a bit better, and have planned out and created a shopping list for the first week of September when I'm going to be restarting the Body Revolution with some online friends.  Another 90 days, hopefully another 38 lbs.  Maybe more?  This time around I'm going to give it a full go.

Start date: Sept. 3rd, 2012.
End date: November 23rd, 2012.


DRINK:  8 glasses of water a day
                NO ALCOHOL. (Yes, this means Turkey Dinner will be sans wine, but I'll be done before Christmas, so I'll be able to enjoy the holidays.)
                NO POP, NO EXCEPTIONS.  I've been lax with this one.  Time to stop.

FOOD:   Keep my calories at 1200-1300 a day, and make sure I work in a treat each day WITHIN my daily allowance.
                Do the Kickstart Week as planned.  Cook ahead, and PLAN SEPTEMBERS FOOD!!! (with 3 days off between sept 6 and 23rd, it's gonna take a lot of planning!)

               Work on keeping better track of other parts of the foods I eat, carbs, sodium, etc.  Stay within the recommended daily max for these.

               Use the Master Your Metabolism Cookbook.  READ Master Your Metabolism.

EXERCISE: Do the Kickstart Week exercise plan. (Extra cardio dvd in the evening.  Depending on my schedule, may do both workouts before work....getting home at 2 or 3am and then working out is NOT my idea of a good time!)

                      Work on keeping my heart rate elevated as long as possible in order to keep conditioning.

I can DO this, its 90 days, it CAN be done.


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