Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Battle of the Bathroom Scale!

So I've been plateaued for about 4 weeks at 209.
I thought I had been down to 206, because my bathroom scale and my wiiFit did not agree with each other, as my wiifit had me at 206lbs and the bathroom scale at 209.

 Eventually I just realized that I'm ridiculous and can't do simple math (the wii is in kg) but figured out that they do jive and that I hadn't lost as much weight as I had thought I did.  Follow this with about 4 weeks of 209 staring at me in the face each week and its enough to drive anyone crazy!  Well this past week I have started TurboFire AND upped my daily intake of calories and guess what was waiting for me on the scale this morning?

 205 baby!

Lesson be learned: When you're dropping weight and building muscle, eventually those muscles need more calories in order to keep themselves happy and healthy.  And when you have happy healthy muscles, they thank you by burning tons of calories!  Keep in mind though: you need to make sure you're eating the RIGHT calories.  Not junk food!  Keep the blood sugar as even as possible!

Operation Clean Eating is underway as well.

PS: I know many out there will do the "but you shouldn't worry about the # on the scale.  Quite frankly, at my weight, that's bollocks.  The number *IS* important because at my height and age, being over 200lbs is NOT healthy....I mean unless its all pure muscle, but that's kinda not the look I"m going for!  Once I get closer to my goal weight, I'll be able to care less and less about the number on the scale (though will be checking in to make sure I"m maintaining appropriately once my body weight levels off).  I'm already getting to a place where I can appreciate more how I feel in comparison to 6 months ago, but again that number is still very important.

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