Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Lovely Bones...errr Muscles?

I've found my hip bone.

I'm sore.

What could these two facts possibly have to do with each other?  Well, technically, they have my obliques in common.  Which are currently sore.  Since I've started TurboFire, I've noticed that my core has been rather sore, and when I go to massage the soreness, I'm finding less and less fat, and more and more lean muscle.  And of course, bone!  My hip bone has started to make its presence VERY clear lately.  My cat can no longer perch on my hip whilst I am sleeping without it becoming uncomfortable!  While you can see the number slowly crawl its way down, down down, and you can also see your pant size go down down down, being able to FEEL the difference in your physique makes this journey so much more REAL.

I've felt triumph, I've felt pain, I've felt fear, worry, angst, frustration, loss, gain, any number of emotions on this journey but the past few days a new feeling has been growing within me and its really new for me.


I'm in awe of myself and my body.  I'm achieving things I never thought I'd be close to being able to do 6 months ago.  I feel more alive, excited and yes, sore than I've ever felt in my life.  It's different from being in rowing where weight training and running were mandatory, but I never clicked with it.  I never really was conscious of what working out would do for and to my body.

I think its really important for people to be conscious of what their working out does for them.  When teaching kids about nutrition in school, I think it'd be extremely valuable for them to be taught WHY certain foods are good other than just "eat this and you'll get fat".  That's negative instruction.  Rather, why not tell them that in order for their bodies to build muscle, they need to eat x amount of this and x amount of that.  Explain to them why muscle is important, why being physical is important, why doing things like yoga, is important.  Why is flexibility important? Tell them!  And I know there will be folks out there who will say "kids won't understand or won't care".  You're underestimating them.  They're frakking smart.  And if for every 4 kids you only impact 1, that's 1 in 4 kids who will go on to influence their friends.  That's 1 in 4 kids who will avoid the epidemic of childhood obesity.

Placing blame on the food industry is easy.  Educating your children to make smart choices is not.  Sure, I believe that if its not in the house, you won't go out to get it, but everybody at some point has to go grocery shopping and it can be TOUGH to avoid those highly processed crap foods.  Willpower is a myth, really. What actually motivates your choices (and your kids choices) is knowledge.  If your kids KNOW what Mc Donalds will do to them, they'll think twice before scarfing down on a Big Mac.  Placing emphasis on health and fitness over being waif-model thin is also important.  We want to foster positivity, not negativity and self hatred and eating disorders.  Show them docs like "Food, Inc" or "Supersize Me".  Give them incontrovertible proof about how terrible fast food is.  Then teach them invaluable skills like how to cook for themselves.

Let's face it, this is not an easy problem to solve because of how much we've let the food industry get away with feeding the masses sh*t.  All for the bottom line, in the name of capitalism, profit and industry.  What the hell good is all of that (aka $$$$) when you haven't got your health?  Those top 1%, keep stepping on the downtrodden masses....who's going to be the respective cogs in your machines when they're all diseased and can't work?

Okay okay, rant over.  Back to work.

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