Monday, October 22, 2012

TurboFired UP!!!!

So I'm about a week into my new TurboFire system and phewf! I never worked this hard on Jillian Michaels Body Rev.  My heart rate monitor shows me working out well into my anaerobic zone (@ 80-90% of your max heart rate...I'd be lying if I said I never went above 90%) and man oh man its crazy!  I can't work out that high intensity forever, its just impossible for the body to be able to do that, so I do have to take quick breaks, but I always jump back in when I've caught my breath and managed my heart rate a bit (10seconds max).  Chalene KILLS your abs while just jacking up your cardio intensity.  Even if I did everything low low impact, I'd still get a killer workout!  Tomorrow's a Core class, which I haven't done yet so I'm looking forward to and yet slightly dreading the pain....
....wait wait, what's that?

"Pain is just fear leaving the body!"

...Thanks Jillian, you'll always have a place in my workout schedule ;-)

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