Monday, October 7, 2013

Inside Voices...

We all have them.

Those voices inside our heads that whisper truths and untruths to us.

It's amazing how much power they have over us.

For the longest longest time, my internal monologues were very self defeating. Very damaging and negative. It's only been recently, while doing these circuit bodyweight based workouts the past two weeks that I've noticed a definite change.

My inner voice no longer dreads the workout as a default.

My main thought during my workout is "Sh*t! Only twenty more minutes to finish a circuit and a half!" (for reference, each circuit consists of 4 moves, and I do each circuit 3x before moving on).

I am concerned more about boosting up my heart rate than about looking "cute".  Cute never changed a girls legs into Gams of Glory.

I've started being able to trick myself during workouts. Promising myself that I'll knock two reps off my burpees if I just get to 10....then doing the extra 2 I wanted to throw in this week for a challenge anyways!

Now the voice I need to start working on more is the one that tells me "one cookie won't hurt". Because once I have one cookie, the voice then goes:

"Oh, another two or three won't hurt either, you've had some MAD calorie burn today, girl!"

Finding ways to satisfy the sweet tooth without going nuts is challenging.

I've been having success during the weeks with allowing myself a small portion of whatever dessert is at our office catered lunches.

Weekends, as always, are another thing entirely. And this month, I'm in a DietBet, so I need to get this stupid inner voice working properly so I don't sabotage my efforts during the week with crap eating on the weekend.

As always, onward and upward!

Be Fit, Be Happy, Be Healthy.


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