Friday, October 4, 2013

One week down....3 more to go!

So as I previously mentioned, I've been up 8lbs since August.

Was expecting more, glad its not!

I discovered something recently though, that I'm hoping will help keep me accountable and motivated.

It's called....."DietBet"!

I get some people thinking a diet bet is kind of a stupid, more harmful than good motivator and I can appreciate that. For me however, I'm finding it a great way to say "No. I don't think I'll eat these crackers even though I just biked home from the subway and my stomach is growling. I'll scramble some egg whites instead."

The results so far? I weighed in at 201.4 on the 28th, and as of this morning I'm a flat 198.

This bet has caused me to be much more hard on myself in regards to food. It's the one area I'm always so very very flexible with myself unless I have a reason to say NO!

I have 25 days to lose another 5lbs which will put me in the winners group who will then share the pot. The buy in was $15. I may keep doing these in order to keep myself on track until I get down to a weight/body fat % where body recomposition will become my main goal.

I will say this: Jillian Michaels knows how to torch fat.  Yeesh.

Tomorrow is a workout day again, but Sunday is a rest day.

I'll either be doing my workout at home (love Jillian's at home compatible workouts!) OR I'll be biking to the gym at Yonge & Bloor (NOT Park Rd) for the 11am Body Shred class followed by the CX Workx core class. Might just do that to get out of the house and to counteract the Indian Food dinner I'll be having Saturday evening (its a benefit dinner, and I'm really looking forward to it!)

So in the end, I'm finding this DietBet a useful tool. Will I ever use it to win BIG? Nah. At least not in $$. The biggest win will be the grinning face I see in the mirror when I break the single digit pants sizes! (since I'm back in One-DerLand, single digit pants sizes are my new goal!)

What about you? What do you use to help you keep yourself honest and stick to your diet?

The stage? A wedding? A reunion? Revenge??? :D

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