Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Squatters rights....

Hey, I just tried to make that there headline snappy...but this post has nothing to do with squatters and everything to do with squats!

Turns out I've been doing squats wrong and this is probably the cause of some slight knee pain in my left knee after workouts.

While I thought I was doing things properly, I was indeed putting my weight too much forward engaging my quads and my back instead of my glutes and my hamstrings.  And I was wondering why one legged bridge was so damned difficult!  My glutes and hammies were just along for the ride and not getting any stronger.  I can do a regular bridge pose, but throwing that one leg up in the air?  Fahgettaboutit!

When I figured this out, I tried to do a squat with the proper form and dang!  It was tough!  Going to have to blast my glutes n hamstrings in order to bring them up to snuff so I can actually perform this move!

But it'll get done!

For now, I'm just ecstatic that I can do buttkicks relatively easily now, and with minimal pain in my right foot (knock wood!).  Slowly but surely I'm getting stronger, and I'm getting better!

For everybody out there: Proper form when performing circuit training of any type is key!  I'm finding it even more difficult because I'm using body weight instead of artificially isolating muscle groups at the gym and therefore utilizing all my stabilizing muscles.  And they're not exactly in peak form yet, so form can get a bit tricky to keep in line.  I'm taking it slow and doing my best and that's all anybody could ask for!

Until Next Time...

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