Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why I'm So Darned Sore This Week...


'Tis the first thought that came to my mind when I stood up this morning.

Ouch.  Owie.  Oooowwww!

It's not just the stupid foot syndrome I suffer from (aka Plantar Fasciitis.  Look it up, it sucks!) but also a general sense of, well....Ouch.

Now of course some of you are thinking "Well, of course Amanda, you SHOULD be feeling a bit owie these days, you're working out.  It's a 'good' kind of pain." and its true, there was a bit of that but there was also a bit of "goddamnit, this just hurts!"

In the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution system, you work out 6 out of 7 days a week, for a half hour.  Two of those days are cardio specific days (and yes there's a Cardio DVD for each "Phase" or month of the program...and they're pretty deadly especially for foot impact) and the rest are a mix of cardio, abs and strength training.  It's a great mix, great workout, and I enjoy the sweating and blood pumping first thing in the morning.

 However for the past couple weeks, my weight loss has kinda slowed down and I also felt like I could use some "bonus" workouts just to throw in some extra calorie burning. On Monday, after the Workout 7 DVD, my hamstrings were super tight and my foot was bothering me so I decided to grab a yoga class if I got out of work on time.  My boss, being the super awesome human being she is, let me go early specifically so I could grab a yoga class!

I checked out a yoga studio that is in my neighbourhood (the Junction) called Breathe Yoga Studio.  Its a really nice, chill studio (then again what yoga studio isn't?) and the instructor was very helpful and instructive and not pushy telling us to go at our own pace.  After all that stretching, one would think my poor hammies would be feeling better, and you'd be wrong!  Still did my Tuesday routine, but added in some extra hamstring stretching to help ease my poor overwrought muscles!

 Wednesday morning, I did my cardio DVD and decided to finally give Spin a chance.  I knew it'd be challenging, but I felt that I was up to it and that it might be a fun cardio alternative, where I could be in a class setting and feel like I could just really give-er!

Oh boy, and I gave-er big time!  Pushed myself and kicked my butt.  Even had a bit of a side stich that I stretched and cycled through.  Didn't stop my legs moving the entire time.  Sometimes fell out of sync with the beat/speed that we were supposed to keep, but as my instructor told me "Worry about the different positions for your first time, speed will come later".  I still blasted it out when I could and tried hard to blast it out when I couldn't keep all the way up.

Today, my hammies are still a bit tight, but a lot less.  The most extreme pain however, is the "delicate" area of where you sit on the bike seat.  I even had a gel cover on my seat and it hurt big time.  Towards the end of the class I was noticing some severe discomfort and was having a tough time keeping up not because I was wiped, but simply due to pain.  This morning, sitting up was a challenge.  Sitting down is even worse.  My sit bones are sore as hell.

And yet, I can't wait for my next class.

Who the hell am I and what have I done to me?!!'s so totally awesome!!!!

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